Sandwich Rolls

D&R Central Baking Corp. prides itself on being a quality sandwich roll distributor. We are partnered with many great New York area bakeries, which allows us to deliver sandwich rolls that are always fresh. We offer roll delivery service to Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

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Fresh Delivery of Sandwich Rolls

Our assortment of sandwich rolls will surely make your decision process difficult. We supply a great variety of different rolls that are perfect for whatever needs you have. Whether you need them for work, are hosting an event, throwing a party, or simply want them for yourself, we have the sandwich rolls for you! Choose from our selection of healthy rolls for any sort of sandwich and finish your next meal satisfied.

D&R Central Baking Corp is your professional tri-state area sandwich roll distributor. Our superior convenience and customer service allow us to provide your business with the freshest and highest quality baked goods. Our massive inventory and efficient distribution services can satisfy the needs of any client. If you are looking for a specific sandwich roll, please contact us today. Order wholesale! The number for our office is 718-828-8080. When you call, we can provide you with all of our pricing information.