D & R Central Baking offers customers with a great array of bread options to choose from, including these delicious baguettes. Choose the baguette that is right for you! We distribute to customers throughout the New York tri-state area, which includes New Jersey, Connecticut and parts of Pennsylvania. For more information about our selection of bread, please contact us today. Wholesale ordering available!

Check out our great selection of baguettes below. We are proud to offer many delicious baguettes.


The number for our office is 718-828-8080. When you call, we can provide you with all the necessary details regarding our selection of bread. 

Types of Baguettes

A fun fact about baguettes is that there are three types of baguettes: 

  • regular baguette
  • the baguette moulée
  • baguette farinée

All three are similar in taste, but the key difference lies in the way they are baked. A regular baguette is your typical golden-brown French bread. This is the most common type you will find in bakeries. The baguette moulée translates to "molded bread" and is manufactured by industrial ovens. And the baguette farinée has its crust covered with flour before baking.