Davidovich Bakery

Davidovich Bakery

Davidovich History

As a child, Gene Davidovich delighted in the robust aromas of baked bread. They wafted from his Grandma Zoya's kitchen, where the future entrepreneur eagerly observed old-fashioned preparation methods and tasted generations-old recipes. 

When he immigrated to America in 1980 he had a dream of one day having a bakery that would delight people with the quality of their products. After graduating in 1992 from college with a background in business and nutrition, he proceeded to bake at home with the help of his Grandmother and introduce the products to some of the stores in the neighborhood. 

While all products were well received, the bagels had a special interest. In 1998, Mr. Davidovich began to grow the business by baking the bagels and having them delivered to wholesale accounts.  He took special care to hire and train hand rollers and bakers that we're able to produce a product to his specification and strict controls. This is how Davidovich Bakery was founded in 1998 and has been a family business since. 

Great taste, quality of ingredients, and proper care during baking has been a long-standing secret to success.

The quality of the products has propelled the company's popularity to the top of the bagel world charts. Even with the success and the growth of the business, the core value of the company remains to provide the best quality Artisan products, with all-natural ingredients at the most reasonable price.  You can still find Mr. Davidovich working in the bakery rolling and baking the product from time to time to bring back the memories of watching his grandmother as a child.