Wholesale Bread Supplier

We Supply Many Types of Bread to NYC Area

D & R Central Baking Corporation is a trusted distributor of fresh-baked breads. We are a wholesaler that works with many local bakeries and sell our breads at affordable prices. We proudly service college and school cafeterias, hospitals, corporate commissaries and food establishments and deliver our fresh breads daily! And we specialize in servicing restaurants, cafes, and coffee bars. Get fresh bread at wholesale prices when you turn to D & R Central Baking Corp! Inquire within to find out more!

Inquire About Bread

Our freshly baked breads, from many well-known bakeries, are delivered to locations throughout the NYC area on a daily basis. No refrigeration or freezers here! Our team of packers and drivers assemble orders on an individual basis and leave merely hours later, ensuring the freshest possible breads upon delivery. There is no inventory, so no bread is sitting around getting stale. We pride ourselves on the freshness of the bread we deliver. This constant flow of bread allows for the freshest products available each and every day. Put our motto to the test and allow us to be your wholesale bread supplier!

Why Buy Bread Wholesale?

Buying bread wholesale is a beneficial action for many types of businesses, including restaurants, food establishments, and hospitals. Having the right wholesale bread supplier can make a major difference in the quality of bread being served. Some key benefits of buying bread at wholesale prices includes consistent pricing, predictable orders, minimal customer service labor, and lower overall costs of bread.

Great Quality of Bread Available

Of course, when buying bread wholesale, it is important to consider the quality of the bread you are purchasing. You want to make sure that you are selling your customers the best possible products, while not impacting your prices. You do not want the negative impact of having poor tasting bread. This is why D & R Central Baking proudly partners with many of the best local bakeries in the NYC area. So you can supply your customers with some fresh tasting bread from some of the best bakeries in New York City! Link up with your favorite bakeries and make sure your customers are getting the best quality bread possible. Check out our full selection of bread!

More Choices

And do not worry, when you turn to D & R Central Baking as your wholesale bread supplier, you will still have choices. Many other wholesale bread distributors do not give their customers a choice on their wholesale products, but that is not the case with us! Choose from many different types of bread from different bakeries. So you are getting exactly what you want, at a price you can truly afford. From baguettes to wraps to ficelles and much more! Choose the bread you want to sell to your customers.

Low Cost

Balancing cost and quality is difficult for any business, but when you use us as your wholesale bread supplier you will be able to get the bread you want on the budget you have. All without sacrificing quality! Buying wholesale typically means you pay a smaller price due to the size of the order, which lowers the overall costs. In a nutshell, the more you buy, the more you save! Upfront it will be more, but since you are buying in bulk the total cost is lower than if you bought this bread in smaller quantities elsewhere. Save money and use D & R Central Baking as your wholesale bread supplier!


Lastly, there is a convenience that comes with buying wholesale. You get to stock up on all of the bread you need. And since we deliver, you have the added convenience of getting the fresh bread delivered right to your doorstep on a daily basis. So there is no need to go pick up your order or constantly be placing an order. Which means you save time to run your business. There is also the convenience of buying all of your bread from one place, so you do not have to juggle multiple orders. Just place your order with us and we will deliver the fresh bread to you in a reliable manner.