Eli's Bread

Health Pullman Gluten Free


Available whole or sliced, Monday, Wednesday and Friday only.  The ingredients in this delicious bread are 100% gluten free. However the bread is produced in a bakery that uses flour, dairy products and nuts.

Flour blend #3 (white rice flour, potato starch, guar gum, albumen), flour blend #5 (white rice flour, tapioca starch, soy flour, whey powder), water honey eggs butter caramel color, salt, sesame seeds, millet seeds, flax seeds, yeast, ascorbic acid.

We deliver only the finest gluten free foods and baked goods. Our close attention to gluten-free guidelines is what makes us the most trusted gluten free food delivery service in the tri-state area. Freshly baked gluten free foods are prepared daily and are received by our Bronx packaging facility in bulk. After our packers prepare the products for travel, our delivery drivers gather each individual customer's order, load them onto trucks and deliver the orders to their designated areas. All our gluten free foods are delivered before breakfast guaranteeing freshness and deliciousness.