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New York, New Jersey & Pennsylvania Kosher Delivery Service

D&R Central Baking Corp is a trusted kosher food distributor and is New York's premier local kosher food delivery service. We understand your need to have the most delicious foods while adhering to kosher standards. Our excellent kosher food selection ensures you will always have the freshest breads and baked goods without breaking kosher guidelines. When you turn to us, you will get food that is up to kosher standards. We make sure the bakeries we partner with adhere to kosher guidelines. So you can purchase with confidence!

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Local Kosher Food Delivery Service

We deliver only the finest kosher foods and baked goods. We make sure the items we deliver are up to kosher standards, because we are one of the most trusted kosher food distributors in the tri-state area. Freshly baked kosher foods are prepared daily and are received by our Bronx packaging facility in bulk. After our packers prepare the products for travel, our delivery drivers gather each individual customer's order, load them onto trucks and deliver the orders to their designated areas. All our kosher foods are delivered before breakfast guaranteeing freshness and deliciousness. 

Our kosher food delivery service extends to clients throughout New Jersey, the five boroughs of New York, the north and south shores of Long Island, as well places in upstate New York, like Westchester and Rockland. Our services are also available to customers across Pennsylvania and Connecticut. We have a strong commitment to maintaining top-quality customer support. And we pride ourselves on the freshness of all our baked goods. We work with bakeries for same-day delivery. So our delivery service gets you kosher food that is fresh, never frozen!

Experience You Can Trust

Almost 20 Years Of Experience Delivering Kosher Food

We have nearly 20 years of experience bringing kosher food to many throughout the tri-state New York area. Our undeniable experience allows us to bring your business the freshest and highest quality kosher foods you could find. We have become the standard in the baked good distribution industry through our superior, professional and reliable services. Our kosher food deliver service is available daily for your convenience. Get the best kosher food in the New York tri-state area delivered to your doorstep. Our service area extends to clients all over New York and Long Island, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

Partner With NYC Kosher Bakeries

D & R Central Baking has years of experience in the industry and provides clients in the New York tri-state area, as well as Connecticut, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, with the best in fresh kosher food delivery service. Getting quality kosher foods can be tough to come by. Check out some of the important guidelines when it comes to kosher foods. We ensure we work with only the best and most respected kosher bakeries in the NYC area. So you do not have to worry about if these foods have proper kosher certifications, because we already do that. We look forward to working with you soon.

For more information about the kosher foods we have available, please reach out to us today. We will answer any questions or concerns you may have about any of our baked goods for sale. You can call our office by dialing 718-828-8080. Our kosher food delivery service is available to customers throughout the tri-state New York area. When you turn to us, you will be turning to one of the most trusted kosher food distributors in the NYC area. So please, do not hesitate to reach out today for fresh kosher food!

Basic Kosher Habits

When it comes to being a kosher distributor, we take pride in putting forward basic kosher habits and the sensibilities that go along with kosher products. We go above and beyond just working with bakeries that meet kosher requirements. Here are some basic kosher habits to think about

On the Table

A person eating meat should not sit next to someone eating dairy, unless there is a different tablecloth between the two. If this is not possible, an object can be placed as a border. Also, these people must have their own glass, bread and salt.


You should not use the same tablecloth after consuming meat or dairy products, unless it has not been washed.


No touching of the bread after touching the meat or a dairy product, unless the bread is exclusively reserved for this type of meal.

Kosher Food Delivery Service