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Wheat is the grain most used in breads. Wheat is the single grain that contains enough gluten to allow for protein strands to develop. These strands form layers and pockets, which traps the stream from the water. Then, the carbon dioxide released by the yeast during this process, which is called fermentation, is what allows for the bread to rise.

Most other do not have that capability, so in order for the bread to rise, the wheat is instrumental. And it is usually combined with wheat flour in order to increase the gluten level of the mixture. And oddly enough, wheat is more a true fruit than a seed and has three parts:

  • Bran: the outer layer of the kernel. High in nutrients and fiber.
  • Germ: The embryo of the kernel. When sprouted it reproduces new wheat plants.
  • Endosperm: Makes up most of the kernel. Is the food reserve for the germ.

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