Your New York Kosher Food Delivery Service

D&R Central Baking Corp is your premier local kosher food delivery service. We understand your need to have the most delicious foods while adhering to kosher standards. Our excellent kosher food selection ensures you will always have the freshest breads and baked goods without breaking kosher guidelines. Our products are prepared fresh and to Kosher certification standards. 

Our Kosher Food Delivery Experience

Our nearly 20 years of experience allow us to bring your business the freshest and highest quality kosher foods you could find. We have become the standard in the baked good distribution industry through our superior, professional and reliable services.We deliver daily for your convenience, as your satisfaction is our main priority. Get the best delivery service in the New York Tri-state area, as we deliver all over New York and Long Island, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. 

Our Local Kosher Food Delivery Service

We deliver only the finest kosher foods and baked goods. Our strict adherence to kosher standards is what makes us the most trusted kosher food distributor and delivery service in the tri-state area. Freshly baked kosher foods are prepared daily and are received by our Bronx packaging facility in bulk. After our packers prepare the products for travel, our delivery drivers gather each individual customer's order, load them onto trucks and deliver the orders to their designated areas. All our kosher foods are delivered before breakfast guaranteeing freshness and deliciousness. 

We are proud to offer our superior kosher food delivery service to the five boroughs of New York, the North and South shores of Long Island, Westchester, Rockland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. Our commitment to fantastic client support allows us to provide you with the freshest and highest kosher breads and other baked goods for your food service establishment.

Great Selection of Kosher Products

Check out our selection of our Kosher products. All of our kosher baked goods are properly regulated and in accordance with the dietary law. The Torah permits only land animals that chew the cud and have cloven hooves. Some of these Kosher animals include: sheep, goats, oxen, deer and antelope. These are animals that are considered fit to eat due to the fact that need meet the regulations of Jewish dietary law. Fun fact, food that is not in accordance with law is called "treif," meaning "torn," and it is derived from the Hebrew.

And another fun fact is that these laws can be broken for pikauch nefesh, which means when a human life or health is at risk. Essentially, if you need some sort of non-kosher food to recover from an illness or if one would starve due to only non-kosher foods being available, the Torah allows it. 

Getting quality kosher foods can be tough to come by. Our professionally trained staff works to ensure your kosher foods are delivered safely and punctually. We look forward to working with you soon. If you have questions about our kosher food delivery service, please call one of our friendly representatives today for more information.